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Opinion: Is Martin Luther King’s dream still alive?

Today, the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom is best remembered for a singular phrase in a soaring, panoramic keynote speech given by the 34-year-old Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "I Have a Dream" became an instantly memorable line, so indelible that President John F. Kennedy, who met with King and other civil rights leaders that evening years ago, repeated the line back to the Atlanta-born preacher upon his arrival at the White House.

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Opinion: Juneteenth, as much as the Fourth of July, is America’s true birthday

Juneteenth 2022, which the nation officially celebrates Monday, is unfolding against extraordinary twin backdrops: the ongoing hearings of the House select committee on January 6 and the continuing legislative efforts to halt or disrupt the teaching of the very history that Juneteenth -- a day that marks the end of racial slavery in the United States -- commemorates.

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