Chicken little forecast

Still Chugging Along

Volcanoes are erupting in The Philippines, but on-fire Australia received some welcome rain. The Iran war cries have been called off and The Donald’s military powers are about to be hamstrung by the Senate. Meanwhile, his impeachment trial is starting, and we’re all on Twitter for a front-row seat.


What Could Go Right? is one of the best projects on the Internet. Chin up, people—believe it or not, we're somehow moving in the right direction in many ways.


Love the emails. We're making progress!


This is a bright spot in my week. I love Thursdays!


I really needed the newsletter in my inbox this morning. It was a bad local news day and the newsletter was exactly what I needed. Thank you!


Thank you for what you are doing! I used to be so stuck in the bad news cycle that it made me give up on all my efforts, basically. I love to see it!


Looking forward to every newsletter.


I look forward to your Thursday newsletter. I can tell you that when I see it, I feel hopeful.

I've recently subscribed and I'm finding it helpful in gaining perspective on all the good stuff that is happening!


Really helpful to read about the positive things that are happening! My mood is much improved now!


I love to get their emails. I don't read all the articles but even reading the headlines is positive. I need that these days to counter the doom and gloom in the news.


I love what you’re doing and it has been a big help for my mental and emotional health.


It's helpful to get positive news to go along with all the negative news that's more prevalent. Thank you so much.