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Still Chugging Along

Volcanoes are erupting in The Philippines, but on-fire Australia received some welcome rain. The Iran war cries have been called off and The Donald’s military powers are about to be hamstrung by the Senate. Meanwhile, his impeachment trial is starting, and we’re all on Twitter for a front-row seat.


Is Progress Possible? Solutions Journalism

The organization transforming the media industry from the inside

We don’t have to tell you that reading the news can feel depressing and disempowering. Does it have to be that way? No—and there is a movement from the inside to transform that experience. The nonprofit organization Solutions Journalism Network (SJN) trains journalists in the same high standards they use to report on problems to report on solutions as well—fixes for society’s most pressing issues.

This kind of journalism, called solutions journalism, builds community trust and reader engagement, and is becoming increasingly popular. The Progress Network’s executive director, Emma Varvaloucas, speaks to Tina Rosenberg, a longtime journalist and cofounder of SJN, about what solutions journalism is and isn’t, and what techniques you can employ as a news consumer to see more of it.

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Tina Rosenberg

A journalist for more than 25 years, Rosenberg has spent her career covering some of the world’s most intractable problems. Now she believes journalists should do more than point out problems. She is... Read More