Alison writes about: Politics

Alison Goldsworthy is CEO of The Depolarization Project and Executive Director of the Conflict and Polarization Lab at Stanford.

After more than 20 years in politics and campaigning, Goldsworthy shifted focus, launching The Depolarization Project in the aftermath of the 2016 US presidential election. The Project conducts research into what works (and what doesn’t), broadcasts the weekly podcast Changed My Mind, and runs bespoke training courses for leaders in the community, colleges, NGOs, and the private sector to help them to better listen, learn, and understand their impact. Central to the Project’s approach is that seeking out views that are different to your own is critical to depolarizing society.

Goldsworthy, as former Deputy Chair of the Liberal Democrat party in the UK, led a team that built a supporter base of millions of consumers, and previously ran her own public affairs agency. She is Vice Chair of the grant-giving Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust. A frequent media pundit, she has written for the Telegraph, Independent, New Statesman and Financial Times.

The division of the world into good and bad people may help to solicit immediate support, but it rarely reflects reality.


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