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Fareed writes about: Foreign Affairs, Politics

Longtime journalist Fareed Zakaria hosts Fareed Zakaria GPS for CNN, a weekly international and domestic affairs program, and is a columnist for The Washington Post and a contributing editor for The Atlantic. A trusted source for analysis on world events and public affairs, he has interviewed prominent political leaders, Fortune 500 CEOs, and public figures on his show, which won a Peabody Award in 2011 and was nominated for an Emmy in 2013.

Before his tenure at CNN, Zakaria was editor of Newsweek International, managing editor of Foreign Affairs, a columnist for TIME, an analyst for ABC News, and the host of Foreign Exchange with Fareed Zakaria on PBS. He also writes Fareed’s Global Briefing, a daily newsletter. He is the author of three books: In Defense of a Liberal Education, a commentary on the importance of a well-rounded education; The Post-American World, a discussion of the rise of non-Western powers; and The Future of Freedom, a study of “illiberal democracy” in various countries.

Even in the West, it is easy to take for granted the astounding progress. We live longer, the air and water are cleaner, crime has plunged, and information and communication are virtually free.


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