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Maren Urner cofounded Perspective Daily, Germany’s first advertisement-free online magazine for constructive journalism, in 2016, and until 2019 led the editorial office as its editor-in-chief and was managing director of the company. She is now a professor of media psychology at the University of Media, Communication, and Business (HMKW) in Cologne.

Her bestselling book, End the Daily End of the World (German only: Schluss mit dem täglichen Weltuntergang, 2019), gives a scientific explanation for why our Stone Age brains are overwhelmed by the daily barrage of negative news and offers an interactive crash course in critical thinking to help us navigate the modern media landscape. She is also the coauthor of Global Climate Emergency (German only: Globaler Klimanotstand, 2020). Her latest book is Out of the Permanent Crisis: How to Use the Thinking of Tomorrow to Solve Current Problems (German only: Raus aus der ewigen Dauerkrise: Mit dem Denken von morgen die Probleme von heute lösen, 2021).

Maren studied cognitive science and neuroscience in Germany, Canada, the Netherlands and the UK, where she did her PhD at the University College London.

We are better informed if we accept that there is no such thing as objective journalism.


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