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Richard Florida is one of the world’s leading urbanists, best known for his 2004 bestseller The Rise of the Creative Class, which traces the growing role of creativity in the American economy. The author of nine books, his most recent is the 2017 The New Urban Crisis, an examination of the gentrification, inequality, segregation, and unaffordability ailing our cities and a proposal of a new model of urbanism.

He is a professor at the University of Toronto, where he helped to found the first School of Cities. He is founder of the Miami Urban Future Initiative, a joint initiative with Florida International University and supported by the Knight Foundation, and a distinguished fellow at NYU’s Schack Institute of Real Estate. He is cofounder and editor-at large of The Atlantic’s CityLab, which covers the biggest ideas and most pressing issues facing the world’s metro areas and neighborhoods. He is also the founder of Creative Class Group, an advisory firm that develops data-driven content, strategy, and community engagement initiatives for governments and companies worldwide.

While it seems like the worst of times in National America, it is truly the best of times to be working to ensure shared and inclusive prosperity in Local America.


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