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Still Chugging Along

Volcanoes are erupting in The Philippines, but on-fire Australia received some welcome rain. The Iran war cries have been called off and The Donald’s military powers are about to be hamstrung by the Senate. Meanwhile, his impeachment trial is starting, and we’re all on Twitter for a front-row seat.


Is Progress Possible? The Plague Cycle

In the unending war between humanity and infectious disease, are we coming out on top?

It might seem counterintuitive to ask in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, but is humanity winning the fight against infectious disease? TPN Member and Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Development Charles Kenny says we are. But we must continue availing ourselves of the solutions that have led to this progress if that answer is to stay.

In this interview, Kenny speaks with TPN Executive Director Emma Varvaloucas about his new book, The Plague Cycle, outlining the immense headway humanity has already made in flattening “the plague cycle” and what we need to keep doing it, talks about the beneficial ripple effects of our triumph over infectious disease (think: women’s rights), and sets our current pandemic experiences in the context of history.

Charles Kenny

Charles Kenny is an optimist about global progress and its positive impact on America. After 15 years as an economist at the World Bank, he now works at the Washington, DC–based think tank... Read More